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Discipleship means reproduction.


Discipleship was the way of the early church.

Whenever the word 'disciple' is found in the Bible it indicates that discipleship has occurred


Journey was developed through planting churches.  When you plant a church, you automatically win people to Christ and disciple them. But the key is to disciple to the point of multiplication.  Most discipleship systems fail in measurable reproduction.

The One on One Discipleship materials are actually a curriculum, rather than just lessons, to produce soul winning disciple makers.


Navigating the journey of life to the right destinations is essential for our growth and maturity. We cannot be what God intended us to be by arriving at only a few of the destinations. We must remember that it takes all of them in order to live complete in Christ.

Below are the
destinations we want to help you reach. These are the goals of our journey together. Your discipler will guide you through the steps of discipleship to help you. Take a moment and review each point carefully.

The Destinations of our Journey

  1. We know Christ as Lord and Saviour. John 8:30

  2. We have an assurance of our salvation. John 20:31

  3. We have a thirst for God’s Word and grow spiritually. John 8:31

  4. We communicate with God and know Him personally. Luke 11:1

  5. We have been baptized according to scripture and exhibit personal stewardship in a local church. Eph 4:11-12

  6. We can transfer Biblical truths of Christianity in everyday life. John 13:33-34

  7. We have come to a point of forsaking all to follow Christ. Luke 14:33

  8. We model lifestyle behavior consistent with Scriptural teaching. Romans 12:1-2

  9. We are actively drawing non-believers to Christ. John 15:8

  10. We are effectively reproducing disciple makers one on one. John 15:16



Reproducibility is a word normally used in the science field.  It means that an experiment produces the same results no matter who performs the experiment or what the conditions are.  

Journey is reproducible and designed for multiplication.  
Everything in the way Journey is used has this principle in it.  

When a disciple completes Journey, they then take a new disciple through Journey.

Compare Journey to a New Converts class. New Converts Classes are not reproducible. The new convert cannot teach new converts when the classes are finished.


"Journey unified our church to reach the Lost." - Pastor, OH

"Without exception, everyone who has come through Journey has seen spiritual maturity take place and the need for counseling in the church has dropped dramatically." - Pastor, CA

"It takes a new believer who is alone and vulnerable and moves that person to a place of dependence on Christ, dependence on His Word." - Pastor, NC

"In the first six months we saw twice as many people received Christ than all of last year." - Pastor, New England

"We use the first lesson for sou winning and it’s a powerful tool.  Then I can't explain what it's done for our people to see their new converts become integrated into the church and become an active participant of the church. It’s an amazing process of what God does through this ministry." - Pastor, OH

"We've seen so many people lives changed, so many people come to Christ and and become soul winning disciple makers themselves." - Pastor, WA

It takes a new believer who is alone and vulnerable and moves that person to a place of dependence on Christ, dependence on His Word.— Pastor, NC

“Simply the best resources we have ever seen.” - Pastor from Ohio.



The Christianity Tool is a summary of Lesson One used when meeting with a person that you want to make a complete presentation of the Gospel to. This is great for family members you see all the time and you can say to them “Would you like to sit down and see for yourself, from the Bible, what it says about salvation?” Then it would take about four meetings to go through the Tool with them, but you can be assured that they have had a complete presentation of the Gospel. 

This witnessing tool is a smaller booklet that has some illustrations in it and it’s available on the website.  It’s also great for people you work with or anyone that you interact with consistently and you want to know if they are receptive and that they have had a very complete presentation of the Gospel.

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 1.31.13 PM.jpg

Doing The Daily in the Word is all about reading, saying, and writing God’s Word in your Daily in the Word Notebook.

It’s simple and yet
profound how this simple form of Bible study and meditation on His Word affects our lives.

suggested order of writing is Mark - 1st John - John - Romans to Titus - Proverbs - Genesis - Psalms - rest of the Bible.

To take your Daily in the Word further:

  1. As you are doing your Daily in the Word, underline the words that stand out and add those verses to the Bible Study Notebook or the Memory Cards. Then study those words and verses deeper by finding other verses that are similar. You can use a concordance or many online tools like (very good at the time of this writing) for study tools.

  2. Set aside some days for only deeper study in your Bible Study Notebook.  

  3. You can pray from entries made in your Prayer Notebook using what God has shown you in His Word.

  4. Sometimes just reading large amounts of Scripture at one time.

  5. Do Bible studies of paragraphs in chapters or even entire books.

  6. Be in fellowship and communion with the Triune God through meditation, prayer and fasting.


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