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Having more than one disciple is absolutely fantastic.  But, the most important thing to remember is that these disciples should be met with one-on-one. So schedule them to be at different times and do not meet them together as a group for personal discipleship.

Of course, for fellowship and
connecting as a group is no problem.  But any time you add more than one person to meeting together in one-on-one it becomes a Bible study, and not discipleship, and the dynamics involved are very different.

So have more than one disciple as God directs you but be sure and meet with them one-on-one.  Otherwise your multiplication will be effected in a negative way.



These are components needed for success:

1.  Leadership
2.  Vision

3.  Start right
4.  Life to life

5.  Effective
6.  Officially in your church schedule

7.  Disciples quitting
8.  Stronger

And here are two advanced components

  • Help other Churches start discipleship

  • Plant disciple-making Churches

Want to discuss these?  Email us for a phone appointment or an online meeting.


Reading, writing, saying God’s Word…

Write the date, the book, chapter and verse that you are writing for that day at the top of the page in your Daily in the Word note book (Lesson One explains what to get ready). Write out the verse, and after any and all punctuation you go down to the next line. Divide a long verse that has no punctuation marks where you want to.

Write at least 3 to 5 verses each day and
be ready to show your discipler your Daily in the Word. The disciple and Disciplers both do their Daily in the Word each day (the Discipler may be writing in another place in the Bible).

Additional plans to expand your Daily in the Word will be placed here and you will be notified when they are ready.


On the Journey Training website, there are many resources for you including extra verses for each subject and each lesson. This is provided because sometimes a disciple might have more questions about the Trinity or the resurrection, or the second coming of Christ.  This helps you with additional verses just in case you need some study for yourself as well as an interest that your disciple might have.

Also on the website is additional training on how to use Journey and philosophy of discipleship.  

Everything is there to help you to become an excellent disciple-maker, who will multiply disciples that will, in turn, become disicple-makers in the future.

You are also able to contact us with any questions and even to order additional materials as needed.  

Please let us know any questions you have or any additional resources you think would be helpful as we always want to improve what we are doing for this great ministry of multiplying disciples.



Involvement points have a special icon that you can find in the Table of Contents in the front of Journey. This symbol or icon that you find throughout the lessons gives you special insight into that area of the lesson.

It may 
want you to know what we are shooting for in that part of the lesson. There can be many applications in the truth of Gods’ Word, and you may think that the purpose is for one thing but we actually have another idea in mind, and the Involvement Point is to explain to you where we are going in that section of the lesson.

For example, in a Lesson on 
prayer, we are emphasizing the disciple to know that drawing close to God is the key in prayer, not just learning how to pray or how to say the right words.

There is always more 
information being developed in this area, so continue to check the website as this area grows.  


One of the most important things to remember about the assignments in the lessons is that they are required. Do not look at them as optional, or that you can assign some and skip others because what happens is the disciple does not become fully prepared to be a disciple-maker. . .  Every discipler has different strengths and weaknesses but you must make sure that your disciple is going to be a better discipler than you.

the multiplication process will be disrupted. That is one of the most important things about your discipleship - the future multiplication of disciples into disciple-makers. This is the purpose of discipleship.

So when it comes
to the assignment, make sure they are done, make sure they are done correctly, and of course keep a good attitude about the assignments and keep a balance between helping a young disciple grow and helping a disciple to become disciplined.  

But if a disciple is 
not able to do the assignments and the disciplers are not able to get the assignments completed then the discipleship process is breaking down. This is not about just filling in the blanks and moving through the subjects. This is about multiplication.

be careful to follow each instruction, not skip any assignments, and make sure that each one is completed successfully.



One thing that can really slow down a discipleship multiplication, the multiplication of disciples is taking too much time off during summer breaks, holidays and vacation time. I would say that it is never good to go more than 30 days without meeting with your disicple.  In other words never take a whole summer off from meeting with your disciple or disicipler.

One thing you can do is after Christmas holidays or vacations is to have a catch-up meeting with your disciple or discipler. Meaning that you would take maybe a whole Saturday morning, or an entire Saturday afternoon and meet for 3-4 hours to catch up and keep things moving. Or even meet a couple days or nights in a row during one week to bring everything back to the right schedule.

But the most important thing is to have a constant relationship going, to have a caring connection with the disciple and discipler because things are always happening in their life, especially for a new young believer or a new young disciple.

So be careful to not lose momentum because of holidays, vacations and breaks that might take place.


There are two Witnessing Tools for use with the Journey Discipleship lessons.

entire purpose of Journey and discipleship is to see more people come to Christ.

The first witnessing tool is what we call the Spiritual Map. This tool should be given to the new disciple after they complete Lesson One.  Since Lesson One is an A-Z study on the subject of salvation, the disciple can easily witness to anyone as long as they have a tool that keeps them on track. The Spiritual Map is one piece of paper on both sides that teaches and illustrates all the major points for leading someone to Christ and the content is from Lesson One.  

The second witnessing tool is a small booklet that we call “Christianity?” This is Lesson One condensed with out any assignments or the Reflect and Transfer section. It is strictly just to sit down with someone and take them through the salvation message and have them fill in the blanks and study the subject of salvation and see it from the Bible for themselves. This is a great tool for witnessing  to neighbors, family members, people you work with etc.. It’s great for people that you interact with all the time and you want to know that they have had a complete presentation of Salvation through Jesus Christ and this booklet will do it. It can be completed in about four meetings on average.


It may surprise you to think about the number of disciples that stopped following the Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, on two occasions He had large crowds following Him, and in both occasions He turned and gave them very difficult teachings for them to consider.

It was obviously
to cut the crowd down to those who were serious about following the Lord Jesus Christ. 

One of those teachings was that you cannot follow Him unless you hate your father, mother, brothers and sisters. The other teaching was that they would have to eat His flesh and drink His blood in order to follow Him.

Obviously the teaching was to reduce it to those who were serious and committed. So today, if all of your disciples are getting through your discipleship ministry, something is wrong. It may be too easy, or doesn't require commitment. It doesn't filter those who are serious about following the Lord.

So you have a successful discipleship ministry if disciples are dropping out. The way they drop out should be done in a very loving and caring way. Always use caring and concerned words with them. In our experience, many disciples who drop out come back later as the Lord continues to work in their life, and they are ready to be committed.

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