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Remember to use all responses with wisdom with the goal of presenting the Gospel.

1. If Jesus is so great, why are some of his followers such jerks?  and   I don’t go to church anymore because there are so many hypocrites.

In reality, not everyone who claims to be a Christian is one. Jesus Himself warned that not everyone who professed Him would enter into eternal life with Him. At the final judgment, He said they would be greeted with "I never knew you,' and would be sent away from Him for eternal punishment. Are you prepared for that yourself?

2. After explaining the Gospel they say, That’s great you found something that works for you.

Christianity offers to save people. But a lot of people don’t think they’re drowning, so they wonder why Christians are saying “Hey, over here, here’s the way.”  

Christians are trying to 
point the way. Death may be the most potent pointer out there and it’s a reminder that there is more than this world. 

Is this 
all we are? Is this all you are?  

Would you like to 
see for yourself?

3.  Why are Christians so homophobic?

That’s a great word isn’t it? Homophobic. There aren’t too many words like it. You just say it and you’ve already branded anyone who disagrees as psychologically disturbed. Don’t we have more options than hatred or acceptance? Because this issue isn’t quite so simple as the media would have us think. There is a whole side to this that most people never hear about, like people can change. In fact, a lot of gay people would really love to change, check it out on the internet.

But how can any one 
make that kind of change? They can only do it if there’s something supernatural going on. If we don’t have God in our lives, everything falls apart sooner or later and He provides the way for things to work for the long-term, in fact, for eternity. His ways bring freedom

For me, my relationship 
with God affects everything I do. It changes how I see men, women, marriage and sex. It tells me that sex is something sacred that binds people together and changes them, and why I don’t stand a chance of loving anyone the way I should unless I first get into a right relationship with God.  Would you like me to explain that?

4.  But there’s so much evidence for evolution.

Many scientists, in fact, see harmony between their science and their Christian faith.

so much to our world that seems like it was made with the intent of supporting human life.  In a sense, it’s so unlikely that there’d be just the right amount of oxygen, just the right temperature, just the right atmospheric pressure, just the right of a lot of other things to make human life possible.  

Check this web site to see more.

But, I personally 
am very confident that God exists because of a spiritual decision I made some time ago and the hope He brought into my life...

5.  I’ve got several gay friends.  I would say they’re just like you and me.  Being gay is just the way they were born.

This issue isn’t quite so simple as the media would have us think. There is a whole side to this that most people never hear about like people can change. In fact, a lot of gay people would really love to change, check it out on the internet.

But the real question is 
how can any one make that kind of change? They can only do it if there’s something supernatural going on. If we don’t have God in our lives, everything falls apart sooner or later and He provides the way for things to work for the long-term, in fact, for eternity. His ways bring freedom

For me, my relationship with 
God affects everything I do. It changes how I see men, women, marriage and sex. It tells me that sex is something sacred that binds people together and changes them, and why I don’t stand a chance of loving anyone the way I should unless I first get into a right relationship with God. Would you like me to explain that?

6.  I would never tell anyone their religion is wrong.

Christianity isn’t the only religion that thinks it’s the only right way to God, pretty much every religion claims to be right. Why else would anyone believe it? Some religions say there’s only one god. Some say there are millions... like Hinduism. Some religions, like Judaism, say God is personal.  Some say god is just an impersonal force... like Buddhism. And they all have different ways to a better next life or heaven. They can’t all be right.

Let’s look at this 
another way: Do you think everybody goes to heaven? Is Hitler in heaven? Do you think you’re going to heaven?  

Christianity says 
no one is good enough to go to heaven. All religions teach people must do something to make themselves better or more acceptable to God- except Christianity.

And that’s why 
Jesus came because He said the only way people can get to heaven is by accepting His free gift of salvation.  He said no one could be good enough but He, out of love for us, would pay for our sins....

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