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This section provides the Biblical steps to take when problems happen between Christians. Matthew chapter 18 is the key teaching on this, and additional thoughts are online at
New! See more teaching about forgiving those who have wronged you online. Matthew 18 holds the key. 

Page 6 at Acts 1:?
Here are the final two Steps of Discipleship. A definition of discipleship has to be built from God’s Word and discovered.  Review all the steps and evaluate our lives with these in mind.

Page 6 at 1st Peter 3:15
Sharing your testimony is the most powerful witnessing tool a person can use because no one can challenge your own personal experience. Practice giving your testimony with your disciple and help them articulate their testimony of salvation and you can include discipleship as well.

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Be sure to take advantage of the digital tools for witnessing like The Spiritual Map, Christianity?, and the Assurance Guide found on the website.

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This is the final discipleship training module and the strategy presented on this page will make a big difference in multiplying disciple makers. If you have additional insights, please email me as it is always a blessing to grow together in discipleship. John Honeycutt -


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