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This section provides the Biblical steps to take when problems happen between Christians. 

Matthew chapter 18 contains the key teaching on this.

There will be times when we offend others, and times when others hurt us. 

But the Bible gives us steps to follow, to clear things up so we can focus on what matters most.

You can see additional thoughts about forgiving those who have wronged you online at

Also, in this section, we will learn how to reveal false teachers with the Word of God.


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Here we see the final two Steps of Discipleship. 

It is important to have a definition of discipleship built from God’s Word, which is what these steps are designed for.

As we review all the steps of discipleship, let’s evaluate our lives with them in mind.

And, although each lesson has Water Cooler questions…Lesson 9 brings all the witnessing strategies and tools together to help you feel confident in sharing the Gospel.

The two essential needs for witnessing are training and tools.

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Sharing your testimony is a powerful witnessing tool because no one can challenge your personal experience. 

Specific training on how to share your testimony and witness is given here in this part of the lesson. 

Be sure to practice giving your testimony to someone, and in the future, help your own disciple to articulate their testimony of salvation.

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As we are focusing on witnessing in this part of lesson nine,

I want to remind you that there are many witnessing tools you can check at the website,

Some of the tools can be on your phone or tablet, like the Spiritual Map and the Assurance of Salvation Guide.

The main thing about witnessing is to be ready to give an answer.

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Ok, this is the final discipleship training module in the Journey discipleship lessons.

The subject is "Your Strategy in Discipleship." 

You'll notice that it is about meeting one-on-one with a disciple.

The instructions in this training module are very practical and will make a big difference in multiplying disciple-makers...if they are followed.


If you have any questions about this training section,  email me at the address on the screen.


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