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Section A
Problem Solving with Others
Key Objective:  Learning to solve conflict between each other.


Romans 12:14             
Pray for one another.

1 Peter 2:19-24: 
Vs. 19 What is 
Vs. 20 What is 
acceptable with God?  
Vs. 21 What are you 
called by God to do?
Vs. 22-23 Who did Jesus 
commit Himself to during suffering?  
Vs. 24 Whose sins did Jesus bear on the cross?  You can 
give the situation to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pride is the source of many problems between people.

James 4:6. 

How would you answer these questions: Are you easily 
offended?  Does it irritate you when your faults are corrected?  When you make mistakes, do you make excuses?  Do you find it hard to receive instructions? Do you have a grateful attitude?  

What do the following verses say about 
Proverbs 6:16-19 & 12:22
Ephesians 5:18
filled with the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:5-6 
What should be our attitude toward one another in the 

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Section B
The Words of False Teachers
Key Objective: To understand how false teachers work.

Revelation 16:13-14, 19:20 
deceives and desires worship.  He will unite all religions to worship him with miracles and lying wonders. 
The supernatural miracles are real but just 
not from the Spirit of God.

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Section C  
The Words of a Disciple
Key Objective:  Learning to draw people to God at the water cooler.

Matthew 4:19 
What is the best
preparation for sharing Christ with others? 

Carry a small
New Testament with you.  When presenting Christ, let the other person read the verses for himself if possible.  This is a powerful way to present Christ and to build confidence in the Scriptures.

Know your Bible.

Be familiar with some of the common objections people say.  Courteously point out the answers from the Bible so you can help others see their need of Jesus Christ.  Do not get sidetracked or argue.   

Here are many common objections and Bible answers (also check the Water Cooler Scenario resources):

"If God is all powerful and a God of love, why does He allow evil in the world?”  
Job 42:1-3

"What about those who have never heard the gospel?"   John 1:9, Romans 1:19-20

"What about the errors in the Bible?"  2 Peter 1:21 

"What about all the hypocrites?"   Romans 14:12

"If a person is doing the best he can, God will accept him. Surely there is more than one way." Proverbs 14:12, John 14:6  

"There is too much to give up."  Mark 8:36-37

"I will probably become a Christian someday."  2 Corinthians 6:2

"I must wait until I understand more."   John 3:16

I'm really not such a bad person."  Romans 3:23

"Maybe we'll get another chance after we die."  Hebrews 9:27

"I'm too sinful to be saved.  God won't accept me."  Mark 2:17   

Hebrews 4:12  

What does God's Word do as it relates to
witnessing?  When anyone hears the Word of God it speaks to his heart and God’s Spirit also speaks to the person’s heart while you are speaking the Word of God.

Isaiah 55:11 
What does God
promise to believers concerning His Word?  

2 Timothy 2:23-26 
How should you
handle a situation with a difficult or indifferent person?

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