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Since we are in the last days, we should expect that trials will increase. 

Jesus said that since they persecuted Him, we will also see persecution, because there is a spiritual war going on for the souls of men, women, and children.

Remember, the Bible says greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

So let’s use this section to grow spiritually and to increase our faith. 

We are going to need it.

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As you can see on this page, there is a reading assignment about the Heroes of Faith listed in Hebrews chapter 11. 

This assignment is an excellent overview of the Old Testament.

So this may help the disciple fill in any “gaps” they have in their knowledge of the Old Testament. 

Page 11

Discipleship Training Module number six on this page explains the proper procedures for starting one-on-one discipleship with a new disciple.

At the front of the Journey discipleship book, on page “IV,” there are also instructions on using Journey.

Be careful not to take shortcuts, skip assignments, or not meet one-on-one  because you will hurt the multiplication of disciple-makers.

Learn the principles and steps on this page, and you will reap a harvest of disciplers.


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