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Here you can see the set of “filters” to apply to decisions.

Also, in this section, we are giving the disciple some principles to avoid making wrong and sinful decisions because it is easy to let sin slowly become acceptable in our lives.

We also are showing the disciple how to find God’s Will for themself.


Page 3a

Here on this page we see that the purpose of living a pure life is to be of greater service to Christ. 

We are the sons and daughters of God.  We are ambassadors for Christ.

And our testimony is essential to help lost souls find the truth and be saved from Hell.

It’s important that we have a great testimony.

Then this section continues to give some practical advice on staying holy and useful for our Lord.


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This particular section highlights a daily, close fellowship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

As you make purity and holiness a higher priority in your life, you will grow spiritually and understand new principles.

You will also make better decisions.

As disciples, our lifestyle should be consistent with Bible-based principles.

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Below is a table that describes the stages of spiritual growth based on verses from the Bible about this subject.

Being Daily in the Word is like nourishment for your spiritual life. In fact, we cannot grow apart from God’s Word.

So be sure to stay faithful to you Daily in the Word.

Now let’s look at the stages of spiritual growth described in the Bible.


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Here at the end of Lesson 7, which is named Spiritual Formation, we are going to evaluate how the Daily in the Word is going and introduce some additional ways to do bible study. 

We also will Review the disciples' progress in several areas, assign Bible verses to explain, and study two discipleship training modules.

We are near the end of training you to disciple. It's really great you are this far.

Begin now to ask God to help you connect with your own disciple soon, if you don’t have one already.

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