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Page 3 at Here is a simple set of “filters” to apply to decisions.
In this section, we give the disciple some principles and practical teachings to avoid making bad and sinful decisions.  It is easy to let sin slowly become acceptable in our lives.

Page 3 at John 17:16-17 
Our purpose in living a pure life is to be of greater service to Christ. This section continues to give practical advice on staying holy and useful for our Lord.

Page 5 at Galatians 6:9 
This particular section highlights a daily, close fellowship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Page 5 at  Below is a table that describes the stages of spiritual growth commonly experienced. 
This table is to assist us in evaluating where we are in, generally, in our spiritual growth.

Page 7
Your Discipler will now take a thorough look at all the sections in your Daily in the Word notebook and give instructions if needed. If you are Daily in the Word, you will mature spiritually. 
Here we give some further plans for your Daily in the Word. This should be carefully followed. Tens of the thousands, around the world, in multiple languages, have already hand written the entire Bible. Let me know if you do as well at - John Honeycutt


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