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Remember to use all responses with wisdom with the goal of presenting the Gospel.

1. There are so many religions in the world, how can anyone know which one is right.


The reason religions are a universal phenomenon is because everyone has been created with a "inner-vacuum" that only God can fill. People have an inherent desire to have a relationship with God. 

People somehow know that 
our relationship with God has been broken or something is wrong, and they want to reestablish it. People understand they do things wrong to others and themselves and they desperately want to find a solution to this problem.

Would you like to know 

2.  A family member tells you he’s leaving his wife of 16 years to be with a man so he doesn’t have to live a lie anymore.  How do you respond?

Note:  There are some ministries dedicated to helping people out of the gay life style. It’s difficult to fully recommend any but perhaps you can learn from them by seeing how they work. They can be searched on the internet. See your Pastor first and get his recommendation.

Answers to consider:

I’m really afraid for you because there are some more important things than someone's sexual identity.  There are some eternal questions to answer.

(Some additional phrases to consider):

I really want the very best for you, not just what seems most natural.

I want to be your friend.

(Then these questions may be helpful but our goal is to move the conversation toward the Gospel):

There might be another way to deal with these attractions - are you sure you’ve given a fair hearing to both sides of the story?

Have you ever 
met with someone who left the gay life?

Are you open to hearing 
about other perspectives about being gay?

might be another way to deal with this.  Have you every heard of people who came out of homosexuality and found a much better way to relate to people of the same sex?

(Moving towards the Gospel, use as you can):

For me, my relationship with God affects everything I do.  It changes how I see men, women, marriage and sex.  It tells me that sex is something sacred that binds people together and changes them, and why I don’t stand a chance of loving anyone the way I should unless I first get into a right relationship with God.  Would you like me to explain that?

I’ve seen some 
amazing changes in my life because of my faith in Christ.  And there have been changes in my sexuality.  Would you be interested to hear about that?

Do you ever think much about 
what God says is right and wrong and about life after death?

Have you come to the point where 
you know for certain you have your sins forgiven and eternal life?

Have a good idea for an answer?  Send your thoughts to  Thank you.

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