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Page 2  Ephesians 6:12

In this section, we go deeper into the spiritual war that is all around us.  

We are at the end of the church age, which means our time to serve the Lord is nearing an end.

What we’re going to do for Christ, we better do it now while we have time.

Once we go to heaven, our opportunity to witness and disciple will be over.

Page 3 Matthew 24:3-8 and 2nd Timothy 3:1-4 

The following two pages show the significant events prophesied in the Bible about the final days. 

A more detailed study of these events is in the Journey Bible Institute. 

Now, your disciple may have many questions, but it’s essential to keep moving through this lesson.

Keep in mind that most books and movies about the Rapture and Tribulation do not accurately represent the teaching.

Page 4 Time Chart

The chart on this page is helps us view the future from God’s point of view.

Most of the events are described in the book of Revelation. 

But the events are found throughout the Bible as well.

As we draw to the end of the spiritual conflict…that has been going on for thousands of years, we may experience persecution, ridicule, and intense spiritual warfare.

Let’s determine to faithful to the Lord…one day at a time.


Page 6  Judgement Seat of Christ

Here I would like to say that our assurance of salvation is eternal. It’s permanent.

And nothing can change us from being a child of God.

However, God has an event for us where we will give an account of our life as a Christian.

This should remind us that this world is temporary and we must keep Christ first.

God, the Word of God, our disciples, and the souls of men, women and children are eternal.

Let’s invest everything into that which is permanent.

Ok, let’s continue learning about giving an account for our lives.

Page 7

As we wrap up this section on knowing that we will give an account of our lives, 

I want to point out that the lessons in Journey are to help you reach others with the Gospel,

and to train you to disciple those who accept Christ.

If you want to invest in eternity, winning people to Christ and discipling them is one of the best investments you can make.


Also, I’d like to point out that on page 9, the disciple is asked to explain some Bible verses instead of being assigned questions to answer about the lesson.


The purpose is to prepare the disciple to have their own disciple.


Page 10

Here at this discipleship training module,

I want to point out that it is crucial to emphasize one-on-one, or life to life  discipleship.

Even adding one person has a cost.

There is always a place for group training, teaching, and fellowship, but disciples do not multiply effectively from a group.

Some ignore this instruction, and they see the multiplication of disciples negatively affected.

Carefully go over this section. It’s important.

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