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In this section we learn to go deeper into the spiritual war that is all around us.  Help the disciple see current events in the light of this teaching.

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The next two pages are the major events prophesied in the Bible about the final days. A more detailed study of these events is in the Journey Bible Institute. The disciple may have many questions, but it’s important to keep moving through this lesson.

Also, the Bible teaches that the beginning of the seven years of tribulation begins with the revealing of the Antichrist.  The Rapture could come at anytime, and there could be a period of time between the two events.  Most books and movies made about the Rapture and Tribulation do not represent the teaching accurately.

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We may experience persecution, ridicule, and intense spiritual warfare as we draw closer to the end times.

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At the Judgment Seat of Christ there are five crowns that you can receive if you have earned them: 
This section is a reminder that this world is temporary and our future has a greater purpose. Let’s be faithful to the One who saved us.

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We should always remember that Journey is for reaching others and multiplying disciple makers while we still have time.

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It is important to emphasize one-on-one discipleship. There is always a place for group training, teaching, and fellowship, but disciples will not multiply effectively from a group.


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