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Remember to use all responses with wisdom with the goal of presenting the Gospel.

1. What makes the Christian life so good?


You can have peace inside and confidence knowing that the greatest problem you’ll ever face, which is death, has been solved.

You can 
increase your confidence and betterment of your life.

You can
see why the world is in the shape it’s in and know what’s next.

You can 
know what is next after this life.

You can know from the 
Bible what’s next for this world and all of us.

You can have a better 
relationship with everyone.

You can be have 
real purpose and significance in life.  Would you like to see what it is in a one on one Bible study?

2.  What would you say if your disciple asks if they are to tithe on their net income or gross income?

The answer is found in Lesson 5 of Journey.  

Would you like to 
learn one on one what the Bible says about giving and many other topics as well?

For a Disciple, 
true Biblical giving goes much further than giving money. It is turning over complete control of your life and resources to Jesus Christ; our time, talents, skills, resources, etc.  

we give financially we are getting the Gospel to the unreached. If God has control of our lives, He will have control of all we have as well. And tithing is a beginning point in giving.

tithing is given in the Bible, it’s 10 percent of what we earn; the gross income.

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