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Let’s review the steps of discipleship that you have learned so far. This lesson is intended to be a turning point for the disciple, so carefully teach this lesson. Multiplication is the purpose of discipleship.

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This image will help us evaluate the main areas of our life to make a decision about our dedication to Christ.

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Everything that has been taught in the Journey discipleship leads to this section. We have the wonderful opportunity of witnessing a faithful disciple specifically decide to become a disciple maker.

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In this section, we are seeing how God wants us to view every talent, skill, and resource that we have.  If we properly see our lives in partnership with God and available to Him, there is no limit to what God can do through us.

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You gave everything about you to Christ the moment you accepted Him as Saviour. These levels of giving are built from God’s Word and form the foundation for giving. Faithful disciples will always be generous to their church to reach the world for Christ.

* For a disciple, true Biblical giving goes much further than giving money. 
This section brings the disciple to specific decisions about giving.  Multiplying disciples strengthens your local church and expands the Gospel. Don’t shy away from this.
On Page 10, you will see the email address — have your disciple send us an email that they have finished lesson five. We have a gift for them.
On Page 12, the first Discipleship Training module is presented. Training to disciple is built into Journey, and that helps to insure multiplication of disciple makers. The training sections are vital.

At the end of lesson five, some disciples will be ready to have their own disciple, but not all of them. Your Pastor would make the final decision. There is no pressure in discipling right away; it is only a suggestion. Once they are ready, you will continue to disciple them, and they will meet separately with their own disciple.
The teachings from God’s Word in Journey will go into our lives deeper when we teach them.



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