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This is a turning point lesson because the purpose of the Journey discipleship lessons is to train a discipler-maker.

First, we will review the steps of discipleship that you have learned so far. 

Each step of discipleship places an action to a truth from the Bible about being a disciple of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are moving in this lesson toward committing to be a disciple-maker. 

The Lord and the Word of God want you to be a disciple-maker.

So carefully go through the teaching and the Scriptures in this section…

Ok, let’s continue getting a biblical perspective of discipleship.


Page 3

On this page, the image pictures the significant areas of our lives.

To be a disciple of Jesus Christ means He comes first in every area.

Growing to be a strong Christian has a lot to do with trusting Christ, not just for eternity, but also trusting Him with each day.

This image helps us consider the main areas of our life as we examine our dedication to Christ.

We may think we know best or have our own agendas, but in the end, God knows what is best for us.

Page 4  

Here, I want to point out that everything taught in the Journey discipleship lessons so far is to get to this lesson. 

Here’s my question for you, will you commit to be a disciple-maker for the rest of your life?

It’s my prayer that you will make that commitment.

One of the greatest blessings is the awesome opportunity to see a faithful disciple decide to be a disciple-maker too.

So let’s use this section also to recommit our lives to be a faithful disciple-maker for Our Saviour.

Our work in discipleship will have eternal results and rewards.


Page 6  Acts 17:24-25  

This section teaches stewardship and giving in this lesson, and the disciple learns about giving. 

We want the disciple to see how God wants us to view every talent, skill, and resource we have.  

If we correctly see our lives in partnership with God and are available to Him, there is no limit to what God can do through us.

Let’s continue to learn how to be good stewards.


Page 7

First, This section brings the disciple to specific decisions about giving.  

It’s a great blessing to give to the Lord’s work. God always keeps track of it, and He rewards living by faith.

We can always trust God to do more than we can ever imagine.

And for a disciple, true Biblical giving goes much further than giving money. 

Then, on Page 10, you will see the email address —send me an email that you or your disciple have finished lesson five. I have a gift for you.

On Page 12, the first Discipleship Training module is presented. 

Training to disciple is built into Journey, which helps ensure the multiplication of disciple-makers. 

The training sections are vital.

At the end of lesson five, some disciples will be ready to have their own disciple, but not all of them. 

Your Church Leadership would make the final decision. 

You will continue to disciple them, and they will meet separately with their own disciple.

When you or your disciple begin discipling and teaching God’s Word, that’s when truth goes deeper into your heart and mind.


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