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Remember to use all responses with wisdom with the goal of presenting the Gospel.

1. How would you invited a friend to your church and what would you say?


Our church helps people understand spiritual perspectives on life.  It’s a lot of fun, and very thought provoking

When you arrive at the Worship Service, 
I’ll meet you and show where to go.

If you have children, 
we have a wonderful, safe and fun Children’s Church for your children at the same time.  

Our services include music, you will enjoy and hearing 
a meaningful message from God's Word and is about 1 hour and 15 minutes in length.

2.  I don’t think we should put the 10 Commandments on display because it breaks the separation of church and state.

Many who came here to found America were Christians fleeing persecution in Europe.  And the persecution came from governments who had a State religion. 

So American society has been 
heavily influenced by Christian beliefs and traditions. This is true.

History makes it clear that problems result not only when the state interferes with churches, but also when 
churches interfere with the state as well.  This is also true.

But it’s also true that 
when there are a lot of Christians in a country, it prospers.  And the reason goes down to how Christianity affects each person.  Would you like to know more?

3.  You have a young disciple and they ask you if baptism will wash away their sin.  How would you respond?

Use the Spiritual Map and Assurance Chart.

Have a good idea for an answer?  Send your thoughts to  Thank you.

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