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Page 2 Local Church

This section shows you why we are in the “Church Age,” meaning God’s primary work today is through Bible preaching local churches.

The key is that a church should be faithful to the Word of God.  

And this lesson should encourage us to make our local church the focus of our time and activity for multiplying disciples.

If you’re having trouble locating a good church, feel free to contact me.

Ok, let’s continue understanding God’s plan for the church.

Page 3  Acts 11:19-26

In the future, when you have your own disciple, keep in mind, that if your disciple is a new Christian, they may need help getting involved in your church.

A good biblical church helps new disciples in so many ways like helping them replace ungodly friends with Christians, and providing a spiritual “safety net” for them so they can grow to become a stable, strong disciple-maker.

Page 4 at Ephesians 2:19-20, 4:11 

Here on this page, the fifth step of discipleship is introduced, which is:  a disciple is faithful in a biblical local church.

Go ahead and review the previous steps of discipleship at this point. The steps are like a checklist to measure faithfulness.

Then another Involvement point is at the bottom of the page, next to 

“What are the qualifications for leadership in the church?”

This is about the Bible’s requirements for leaders in the church, and after that we will look at examples of extraordinary women in New Testament churches. 

It’s amazing how those ladies served our Lord.

Page 6  Start of Section B

I want to mention here,  that we place the subject of baptism in lesson four, because so many disciples around the world suffer persecution when they are baptized.

And so they need to grow spiritually in many areas of their lives before getting to this subject.

That being said, we encourage you to jump ahead to this subject whenever it’s appropriate.

Talk to your church leadership about this as well.


Page 7   Baptism

When you have your own disciple, if they say they have already been baptized, it’s important to ask when they were baptized, at what place, and who baptized them.

I encourage you to share that information with your church leadership.

The church leadership has a responsibility to oversee the church and can help the disciple know if there is a need to be baptized at your ministry.

This is part of the instruction for church leaders to keep the church as biblical as possible.


Page 8 Daily in the Word

When you have your own disciple, it’s important to follow the instruction here and take a thorough look at all the sections in their Daily in the Word notebook.

Each of us need to be consistently in God’s Word.  The Daily in the Word exercise is a great way to have a visible, measurement of faithfulness.

In this Daily in the Word section, we present additional ideas for growing in God’s Word and keeping it the focus. 

There is also a review of the steps of discipleship learned. Use them as a road map in Journey.

And congratulations on getting to the end of Lesson Four.


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