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In this section we are going to show that we are in the “Church Age,” meaning that God’s primary work is through Bible preaching local churches. This teaching should encourage us to make our local church the focus of our time and activity for multiplying disciples.

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If your disciple is a new Christian, they should be faithful to the church and should spend time getting to know people in the ministry. Help them make that transition.

Page 4 at Ephesians 2:19-20, 4:11 
The fifth step of discipleship is introduced in this section about the local church. Use this to review the previous steps. The steps are also a checklist to measure faithfulness.

Page 4 at What are the qualifications for leadership in the church? 
The next sections show the qualifications for leaders in the church and the examples of women in New Testament churches. Take note how they served our Lord.

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We place baptism in lesson four because so many disciples around the world suffer when they are baptized, and so we feel that they need to grow spiritually before getting to this subject.  That being said, we always encourage you to jump ahead to this subject at any time it is appropriate.  

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For Biblical baptism, if they have been baptized, when they have been baptized, and who baptized them are very important in keeping the church “pure.”

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Your Discipler will now take a thorough look at all the sections in your Daily in the Word notebook and give instructions if needed. In this Daily in the Word section, we present additional ideas for growing in God’s Word and keeping it the focus. There is also a review of the steps of discipleship learned. Use them as a road map in Journey.


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