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Remember to use all responses with wisdom with the goal of presenting the Gospel.

1. What about those who have never heard about Jesus?

What do you think?

Do you think
God would just say, “Too bad”?

Since the Scriptures describe God
as good and fair, I’m sure he’ll do the right and fair thing.

The Scriptures say that God gets “light” or truth to every person. He can handle it.

What He has made clear is how
He’ll judge people who have heard and have decided that they didn’t want any part of Him. So, how about you? You’ve heard about Jesus. What you do know about Him?

Attempt to share
the Gospel to draw them to Christ and/or ask,  “Would you like to have a one on one Bible study to see some answers for yourself?”

2.  I prayed for a promotion and I didn’t get it.  I thought prayer worked?

You are a Christian right?  How did you become one?  

(If truly a Christian,
proceed to the next questions, other wise share the Gospel or ask if they would like to have a one on one study together to discover some answers.) 

Did God
answer your prayer to be saved?  Why?

Are you
upset at God?  

What were the
reasons you didn’t get the promotion?  Was there any problem on your part?

Have you ever looked back and
could see how things fit together in how they worked out?

Would you like to have a
one on one Bible study to see some answers for yourself?

3. A person you work with asks you, “Why did my mother die from cancer?”  How would you respond?

I wish we knew why.   (Pause as long as needed to connect, grieve and really attempt to understand, empathize with them.)   How do you feel right now?  

Tell me about your mother.  She sounds like a great person.  I wish I could have met her.

Has anything or anyone brought you
hope during this time?

Times like this will either make us hard and bitter and angry at God or they will make us open and help us reach out in trust and faith.   

There are some things
I do know about life and God that have helped me in times like this.  Would you be interested in hearing them?

I hope you will
seek God for comfort, hope, healing, peace, and most importantly, salvation.

Some lessons have: How can I
really know God?

That’s exactly
why the Bible was written.  He gave it to reveal Himself to us.  Would you like to know what He has to say?

Some lessons have: How can you have
assurance of salvation?

Use the Assurance Chart.

Have a good idea for an answer?  Send your thoughts to  Thank you.

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