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Page 2
We and our disciples need to know God and have a greater faith in God. This section on Prayer helps us build a closer relationship with God by communicating with Him. 

Page 3 at Matthew 6:7 
This section gives us an idea on how to pray and when we should pray.

Page 3 at Psalms 119:18
I always like for my disciples to pray at the end of each meeting. Pray for your disciple. Ask them to pray for you and give them some prayer requests. Help them to develop a prayer list.
The third step of discipleship is presented on the next page. Review, all of the steps, learned thus far.

Page 5
Many call this the Lord’s Prayer, but it’s really the Disciple’s Prayer. Help your disciple learn more principles to know how to pray and build a stronger relationship with God. 

Page 6  
We now are making a transition to deal with sin in our lives. There are resources for prayer lists available on TheJourneyForum website.

Page 8 
There is only one way to overcome sin, and that is by bringing God’s Word into our mind, our thoughts, our speech, which will, in turn, affect our behavior every day. On the next page, you will present the fourth step of discipleship.  The principle is from John 13:33-35.

Page 9  
Help your disciple learn to keep “short accounts” with our Heavenly Father, and this means confessing and rebuilding our fellowship with God quickly, and bringing more of God’s Word and accountability as needed.

Page 10
Take a moment to review with your disciple the four steps of discipleship and the destinations found at the back of the book. This is like a road map. We are going in Journey to certain spiritual places of our lives.

Page 11
Your Discipler will now take a thorough look at all the sections in your Daily in the Word. If a disciple cannot put time into God’s Word, after you’ve done everything you can in a loving manner, it might not be the right time to meet.  

Memory Verses
The next page gives a plan for Bible verses to be memorized. All of these verses are for witnessing.

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