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This section is built on the foundation of trust in God’s Word. It is the Word of God which is important and not our own words. The manner of study in Journey is to present the Bible verse first before the comment. The comments must be in agreement with the Word of God. Most discipleship materials only have very few Bible materials and too much of “man’s” words.

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This section will help the disciple understand that we are in a spiritual battle and that the Word of God will also be under attack.

Two important areas are coming up:
You will be presenting and explaining how to do the Daily in the Word on the next page.  This is vital to discipleship.

And on page 5 you will explain the first step of discipleship. Go over the steps carefully because this will give the disciple a lifetime “philosophy” or belief about discipleship and it is our prayer that it is placed deep in their hearts. A definition of discipleship has to be built from God’s Word and discovered.

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There are many spiritual principles only understood by the Holy Spirit, using God’s Word to open our eyes.

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There are two ways to know if a disciple is a great investment of your time; if they will meet with you faithfully and if they will do their Daily in the Word. If you make the Daily in the Word optional, you should stop and undergo training again. It sounds harsh, but multiplication is our only goal. Also, on Page 13, the second step of discipleship is presented.  Help the disciple see these as action steps to multiply disciple makers. 


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