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Remember to use all responses with wisdom with the goal of presenting the Gospel.

1. How can a loving God allow terrorists attacks or tsunamis to kill innocent people?

Here are different thoughts to consider. Put them into your own words:

Ask them to explain the horrors they have seen: What is your explanation as to why bad things happen?

How do you cope with such terrible things? You mean you don’t think God is a loving God?  Does that really satisfy you or give you comfort in any way?

God is not Santa Claus. He has the right and the power to do what He wants and He doesn’t need our permission for anything. Many people want to use God for their own prosperity and ease of life.

God is love and He is also pure justice and rightness.  He is a perfect judge.  We want what’s best for us and we think God is like us; He is not like us.

God gave us a gift of free choice and the power to make our own decisions; a free will.  

Mankind has caused it’s own problems and brought sin into the world.  

Sometimes there is trouble and disaster because God wants to warn us of something that is much worse that is coming; eternal suffering and that He has made a way to escape it.  

The way is through Him.  Even though mankind has destroyed what God made, He gave Himself to save us.

Trouble and bad things that happen make us ask questions like you are asking.  God wants these questions asked so that we can find Him.  

From God’s perspective, there is something much worse coming but He loves each of us.

These things are warnings of something far worse.  

And because He loves you, He wants you to know who He is and that His perspective is eternal and He cares for you.

Because He made us with the ability to make our own choice, God cannot make any of us accept and trust Him.  We must choose for ourselves.

God allowed one evil thing to happen that was for you; He came to personally tell us how to change our life and our future as Jesus Christ and to die on the cross for all of us.  

He was innocent, falsely accused and unjustly killed. That was an evil thing from a human perspective.  

He was innocent and He died at the hands of an angry, threatening, religious people. In His life, his death and resurrection He has provided a way out of this evil world if we will accept God’s conditions. It was what God wanted in order for you to be saved from ....

...continue to give the Gospel...

Study how you can use the idea and key thought of “perspective” on this subject.

Attempt to share the Gospel to draw them to Christ and/or ask, “Would you like to have a one on one Bible study to see some answers for yourself?”

2.  Why do you think Jesus is anything more than a good teacher? or Why are Christians so intolerant to think that Jesus is the only way?  

I can prove to you with historical, archaeological and other kinds of evidence that Jesus not only lived and died and was innocent, but He came for the purpose of giving His live for others and He rose from the dead.  

I won’t take the time to give you all of those facts right now, but what is more important is He claimed that He is God and that He gave His life for you and what are you going to do about that?

I’m surprised you’re intolerant to Christianity. Actually, everyone is intolerant of something.  We have to be.

Why do you think Jesus said such a narrow minded thing like “I am the way?”  

Why do you think He claimed the things He did about Himself?  He was the one who said that He’s the only way to God.

Would you like to hear what I think He meant?

I can’t believe that there’s any other way that works.

You don’t believe that exclusive ways are wrong, correct?

Attempt to share the Gospel to draw them to Christ and/or ask,  “Would you like to have a one on one Bible study to see some answers for yourself?”

Have a good idea for an answer?  Send your thoughts to  Thank you.

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