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Notice that there is an icon next to Mark 12:32 and Genesis 1:26 on this page, and that icon indicates that there is an Involvement Point where we provide some additional key thoughts at that point in the lesson.


So as we come to these Involvement points, I'm going to jump in like this.


The first thought I want to express, especially here at the beginning of the lessons; is that you are learning these truths so you can disciple someone, one on one….soon.  You are learning this to teach it.  


It's the entire purpose of Journey and discipleship.


So keep that in mind as we meet together.

Page 3 at Mark 12:32

It's important to remember that you are learning what the Bible says about God. 

The Bible is our only authority on who God is and what He has made.

And I'd like to point out that the teachings on the first two pages of Journey expose all major cults and religions to be…untrue.

Page 3 at Genesis 1:26

"Let us make man in our image."

I'm sure you noticed that the plural form ‘us’ is used for God. 

This is because God is three in one.

We can know what God is like 

because we are made in His likeness.  

He is a person, and we are created in His Image.

And we are three in one as well, with a body, a soul, and a spirit.

Page 4 at Revelation 5:11-12

This Involvement Point icon is here because it is important to know where evil came from in order to have the proper worldview.

In fact, knowing about the enemy of God will help you understand present-day news.


In a future lesson, you will understand how evil will be defeated for all eternity.

Page 4 at 1st Corinthians 10:19-20
The disciple is learning
about the beginning of evil from the Bible…to help you remove any superstitions or false teachings…that you may have been exposed to.  


No matter what your background has been, the Word of God can cleanse you from it, if you will accept and apply the Word of God.


Each lesson in Journey builds upon the previous lesson so that you can rebuild your life according to God’s Word.

Page 7
This is the first Reflect and Transfer.  To reflect means to review and meditate on what has been learned. To transfer means to be able to share the same truths learned by the disciple to their own disciple once they are ready. 

This is also the first water cooler scenario or question that you usually encounter. These questions are training us to become intuitive witnesses for Christ.

Page 8 at The Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments are presented in a conversational manner so that we can use them in witnessing as Jesus
did in Luke 18.  Meaning that we are using them in sentences rather than quoting the Bible verses word for word.  This will help you to learn to use them in witnessing.  Jesus did this in Luke chapter 18 when he spoke to a wealthy, young ruler seeking the truth.

Page 8 at Romans 7:7
Unsaved people and disciples need to know
 is that all false religions enslave their followers by requiring them to earn eternal life.  Of course that is impossible because just one sin keeps us from earning eternal life.

Page 8 at Matthew 1:18-23

In this section, you are going to see how the Savior came to earth.

Then you will read some key acts the Saviour did as well as teachings from the Saviour.

We want you to see for yourself what Jesus said.


Page 11 at 1st Timothy 2:5

Another point I want you to know is that the Word of God teaches that there is only salvation in Jesus Christ. No matter what anyone says, that’s what Jesus said. So either it’s true, or it’s not. Ok, let’s continue looking at how God made a way back to Him.

Page 14

The purpose of this section is to prepare you for the Daily in the Word activity coming in the next lesson. 

The Daily in the Word will do so much for your spiritual growth and understanding.

So be sure and follow all the instructions carefully.

You’re almost finished with lesson one.  Nice going.

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